A Complete Guide to Help You Avoid Making Any Mistakes While Developing an App for Your Start-up

A Complete Guide to Help You Avoid Making Any Mistakes While Developing an App for Your Start-up

  • Friday, November 2, 2018
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Due to their limited resources, start-ups face a lot of challenges in their initial days. You can only achieve growth when it is planned at every step of the way. New business models are constantly emerging with respect to the development of new and more advanced applications. Clients can now directly connect to professionals to get their demand fulfilled. A start-up company, therefore, needs to carefully estimate its place in the market and perform strategically. Developing a mobile application is, perhaps, one of the most difficult tasks an app development company faces. Start-ups need to prevent mistakes from happening as much as possible. Any mistake can jeopardise the quality and objective of the mobile app.

The significance of a Mobile Application:

The World has witnessed phenomenal growth in the mobile application development area in recent years. There are more than 3.8 million mobile applications at present, or apps, as they are popularly known, on Google Play Store alone. Mobile applications are growing popular with each passing day. Surveys show mobile application operation time exceeds the amount of watch-time on television today. People use smartphones for every little action, from accessing social media to making calls. Your business can connect on a personal level with your customers with the help of a mobile app. A well-built business app will contribute significantly to your business. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you need to think about creating a mobile app for your business. A professional app development company can help you in this aspect.

While developing an app, a start-up has to ensure avoiding the following mistakes at any cost:

  • Working with an Inexperienced Team

The developer is actually the most important part of an app development company when creating an interesting and responsive mobile application. Start-ups especially need to hire skilled people for this purpose. A higher level of expertise will ensure that their experience and knowledge will benefit in making the app a success for the app development company. An application with all the features in it will cost more. You have the option of outsourcing the work for your company, which will get you the desired products within a budget. You just need to research thoroughly before making a decision.

  • Devoid of Marketing Strategy

Startups need to understand and identify their respective audience level. Start-ups, especially the ones belonging from the e-commerce industry, tend to often make the mistake of ignoring this factor. If the start-up is developing an application for a shopping site, then they need to be aware of the latest fashion trends. For an application to get recognition, it needs to provide collections that comply with the latest trends. The absence of a good marketing strategy can be fatal for any start-up. You need to ensure that your mobile app is based on the research and fulfils the demands of your customers.

  • Absence of Feedback

Feedback is actually a great way to promote your mobile app. Getting feedback just ensures the fact, that your app is getting the recognition for which it was meant. Feedback shows that your brand is gaining the faith of the customers. When they give suggestions on what more they would like to get from your app, it just opens up new windows for you to connect with them on a deeper level. You should never ignore this. Start-ups need to enable the apps for their users to give feedback on the application. You may find new ideas that will actually benefit the company.

  • Still Holding on to Platform Dependent Apps

This is the age of the platform-independent applications. Start-ups need to stop making mobile apps specific to one particular platform only. A single-operating system for an app is going to limit your audience. An app development company can ensure you that your app remains platform independent in order for it to reach a larger customer base.

  • Presence of too Many Features

It is true that customers look for apps with many features, but too much of anything is bad. Adding too many features also makes the mobile application slower and causes irritation to the user. A lot of times, entrepreneurs make this mistake. The target of a good mobile app is to enhance the user experience. The UX/UI designs especially work on this.  A good app development company will ensure to look into all these aspects of the design.

  • Intro Animation does more harm than Good

We are living in an age of a generation of impatient users. Using intro animation for your app may seem like a nice idea, but if the users see the same animated intro, every time they open the app, chances are that they are not going to like it.

  • Low-Resolution Graphics

It is very crucial that the app contains high-quality resolution, retina displays and pixel-dense screens for the app to appear more attractive to the user. Not investing enough in graphics can make your mobile app appear dull.

  • Not Enough Marketing

The world of digital marketing is a tough competitive place. Your start-up needs to constantly stay updated and evolve with every new change and keep up with the trends. Making a website that contains supportive contents related to your app will hugely help in promoting it. You will need to constantly publish fresh contents on the website to keep it updated. Making a social media presence on facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. will also help in gaining more app users. A well-targeted advertisement on these social media pages will inform people about your venture. Blogs, articles, press-release on your website will also work in favour of promoting the app. With the help of a professional app development company you can be sure to know more about the various sides of the big horizon, that is your brand.

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